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Mango Snake is a music marketing company blended with a creative agency, designed to get you to where you need to be in your music career.

We come up with proven marketing strategies alongside video content or design that fits your aesthetic, project or music to get you results.

Built by musicians for musicians.

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What We Do

Social Media Strategy

We help come up with a social media strategy aligned with your project to best suit the direction you would like to go with your music.

Creation & Branding

We can use our in-house team to create a creative direction surrounding your release. This could be your film clip, video content, album artwork, merch design/release, live performance, logo creation, animation, spotify canva, ad creative or website design.

Advertising on Social Media

We help you get in front of a global audience and in front of new fans through social media advertising. Whether your goal is to get streams, views, fans, ticket sales or sell merch.

Your Data

We can calculate how many streams, views you are receiving to help get you on spotify's playlists like discover weekly, release radar.

We can follow along to see how many fans you are growing and where you are making waves worldwide!


We always make sure to keep you in the loop with how we are progressing and the strategy behind a successful campaign. First zoom session is FREE!

Hey, we're the team at Mango Snake Agency!

We're here to take your Social Media Marketing or Brand to another level.

Our in-house team at Mango Snake consists of filmographers, photographers, graphic designers, screenprinters, a marketing team & current musicians with the goal to cater to what musicians really need to make your music or brand pop!

Built by musicians for musicians.


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Should I book a consultation first? and is it really free??

- Yep. Totally Free! Happy to chat best course of action for your particular project. Book in a time and we'll arrange a time to chat - Jake

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