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The music industry can feel like the wild west at times, or it can feel like the emperors new clothes, an exclusive club controlled by unmasked gatekeepers.

We first hand, know what that feels like...

Our team at Mango Snake have all collectively worked in the music industry and each member of our team comes from a musical background.

We feel this is our biggest asset, because we understand just how hard it is to get your music heard. With all the services we offer, we have trialled this on our own musical projects before passing on to the next musician.

The music industry has functioned in, certain ways, not beneficial to the artists needs and we want to approach this from a different angle and change that. Whilst coming from a place of familiarity and an eye to the future as the music industry constantly changes.

The idea behind why we created Mango Snake, is to help musicians pave their own path in the industry. We want to empower musicians with knowledge, marketing and branding to get them to where see themselves. 

Our goal is to service all musicians. Big or small.

The team have music industry experience in marketing, filmography, graphic design, screen-printing, photography, animation and content creation and combine all these to mix and match to your goals.

Welcome to Mango Snake.


Built by musicians for musicians.

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